Woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend... Just when I thought life could not get any better I heard a knock on my door, it was Cancer.
It changed everything but not for the worse. I choose Life and Hope .
BACK OFF CANCER is what I say!

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head
Me, Francesca, on April 1st 2007, the day I shaved my head....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Calling on my Angels!

Tomorrow is my PET/CAT scan... As I am confident that all will be good... I still want to call on all my angels to say a special prayer or send a special vibe!
thank you in advance


Cecilia said...

Francesca, Prayers and good vibes going your way!! big hugz from all of us!

Angela said...

Can't wait to hear the good news!