Woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend... Just when I thought life could not get any better I heard a knock on my door, it was Cancer.
It changed everything but not for the worse. I choose Life and Hope .
BACK OFF CANCER is what I say!

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head
Me, Francesca, on April 1st 2007, the day I shaved my head....

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Milano...Running.. Prosecco...Pizza!

This past week end we went to Milano to :

1. Watch Carsten run his 28th Marathon, The Milano Marathon
2. See my Dad who was in town
3. Visit up with some friends & family
4. Eat..drink..eat..eat...drink

We accomplished all and had a real good time. Here some highlights:

1. Carsten ran his 2nd best time at 3.21 hrs. There were 5700 runners and it really felt very crowded. We managed to see him at the 41 Km mark but missed him at the finish line... the Italians are not the most organized of the people... And it was funny to see how divided the city was about the marathon..some people were happy that they were hosting it..some people HATED it..and they were not afraid to say it! Grumpy Milanese!

2. It was incredible to see my Dad, specially since last time I saw him I was in a pretty bad shape but this time they could barely keep up with me...

3. We had a lovely time with C&C and also with my family in Milan ( the ones that I don't see /talk very often (??)

4. We ate..ate ..and ate... Carboloading was invented in Italy!

Real pics coming soon!

big kiss

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Angela said...

congrats to Carsten! You are soo lucky. You are in the middle of soo many beautiful countries, incl. my favorite - Italia, but I love AMERICA, the land of EVERYTHING!!!!