Woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend... Just when I thought life could not get any better I heard a knock on my door, it was Cancer.
It changed everything but not for the worse. I choose Life and Hope .
BACK OFF CANCER is what I say!

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head
Me, Francesca, on April 1st 2007, the day I shaved my head....

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

1 of 8

So... Vampdaddy challenged me to this. (an "8 day a week meme") and I think it will be fun and get me writing ...

So here is the first of my 8 posts...

8 Things I learned from Cancer...

1. Hair is OVERRATED .. ( eyebrows and eyelashes ARE NOT!)

2. Nurses are actually ANGELS in disguise

3. If you think something is wrong with you.. it probably is.. and if a doctor tells you that you are perfectly fine... GO SEE ANOTHER ONE

4. I am blessed with incredible FRIENDS

5. Now I know why weddings vows usually include " In sickness and In health"

6. ALWAYS have health insurance ( even if you think, ... "I am in perfect good health, I can take this job and forgo health insurance for a couple of months! " - DO NOT)

7. To be able to wake up, take a shower , get dressed, make coffee, take your kid to school, kiss a loved one, is A REAL GOOD DAY . .add a walk outside under the Sun and is just a TRUE MIRACLE .

8. Tomorrow is TRULY promised to NO ONE

stay tuned...

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Angela said...

This is soo Beautiful Frannie!