Woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend... Just when I thought life could not get any better I heard a knock on my door, it was Cancer.
It changed everything but not for the worse. I choose Life and Hope .
BACK OFF CANCER is what I say!

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head

The beginning of this journey...shaving my head
Me, Francesca, on April 1st 2007, the day I shaved my head....

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cancer is the new WHAT???????

Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend anyone that is having a tough fight with the big C. I just find that it helps me to find humor wherever I can in the fight against this monster.

The other day I heard : " Cancer is the new Herpes"!

What? compare such a horrible monster as cancer with such "trivial" disease.... How can that be???

What did that mean??? And after much consideration I actually agree with that (gasp!) funny statement.

Sadly , both Cancer and Herpes are common ... and that there is no cure for either. But actually cancer is better because it is not contagious and honestly speaking ... caner has some buzz around it that I bet Herpes never got .

I feel that Cancer is HOT right now... there is just so much talk around it.. Hollywood and the Media are talking about it.. no longer a taboo that I believe was not to long ago.

So in a way I am happy that people are talking about it and with that it may alleviate some of the bureaucratic bullshit that prevents lots of research to find an actual cure. (or just make tons of progress!)

Like Leroy Stevens said:" We want to be cured. We want to be able to say, "I HAD cancer, but it's gone now."Now, that does happen sometimes, but not often enough. We're fighting for more time. "

So I want one day , hopefully in MY life time, but if not, in L's..that there will be a cure.... that Cancer will be like, let's say, Pneumonia... Tough , Ugly , Painful, Debilitating, At times deadly.. but most times curable and when someone runs into someone that lost some weight and may look a bit frail.. they can actually say : Yup, I HAD cancer last month but I am all good now!

I actually do say: I HAD cancer .... but follows with AND I AM CURRENTLY IN REMISSION!

Yes, REMISSION... for 9 months, 10 days and a couple of hours.....

big kiss

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